Old Video Tech Trumps New iPhone 4

by: Marc-Alain Reviere

With the recession and all, I'm in no position to dole out coin for the new iPhone 4. It sure would be nice though - to have all those whipper-snapping-features!

Specifically, I love the idea of being able to produce a video from the palm of my hand. That's just epic. I mean, think of everything it took in the 80s: a thirty pound camera on the shoulder, jumbo cassettes, editing booths, and big hair.

< ... Returning safely to the year 2010 ... >

And so I pondered. How can I create quick quality videos from the palm of my hand without spending any money? Can I make it happen with older technology? Indeed, necessity is the mother of invention.

With that I am happy to introduce my patented video production technique I've dubbed "the bird." I call it that because it's on the cheap. Get it?

All you need is an iPhone (any version) and a point and shoot camera that records video. Use your iPhone's external speaker (bottom of phone) and favorite application to play the appropriate song or sound. I launched the KEXP music app for the on-the-fly-video below.

First, start recording video with your camera and get the music. Next, carefully position the iPhone's external speaker next to the camera's built-in microphone. Pretty cool right? No editing program needed to add an audio compliment. It's the bird - flying high in a down economy.

Video captured at The Menil Collection in the Montrose neighborhood of Houston, TX.

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